We all are busy in our lives nowadays. Someone is busy doing household works or someone is doing in office or someone is busy in school or college life. Basically we lead a monotonous life. But to live we need to collect the resource of life which we can get from doing something else than our regular job like going to a trip. That may be short or long. We the Events Bengal provide a short tour to Mandarmoni, Digha, and Tajpur. In this everything that you will wish for will be provided. We will plan every things for you so that you don’t need to think of anything else but enjoying the weekend. We can even plan a picnic there for you.

We provide the best hotels in Mandarmani, Digha and Tajpur with enough space for staying and comfortable. We will provide you both the ac and non ac rooms there according to your requirements. Hotels are provided in different types like some hotels may look like bungalow, some may be like very standard. We will provide you hotels that have pools where you can relax. We can provide you hair spa or body massage for your relaxation. You will not need to think about the timings of breakfast, lunch or dinner. Whenever you will feel like having food the service will be provided in minutes.

We will look after your transport. We will provide the best car service for you and for your family too. Your comfort is very much important for us. So we will surely provide you the best car service along with the advantage of ac car and non ac car.

If you plan for a picnic then we will arrange everything for you. From utensils to foods everything will be provided. We will arrange tens and tarpaulins for you. So that you can enjoy and live the moments. We will provide the best vacation cooks who will for sure amaze your minds with their authentic dishes and taste.

You will not need to think about what to see first or what to skip. Our experts will be there with you as your guide. You will get to see the best things of the place with us. We will provide you the best photographer to give you a return gift of your trip in the shape of pictures. We will provide you one of the best album of your life with the help of our expert and ace photographers.