Wedding can be considered as the most memorable event of a person’s life. Preparation of a wedding is a huge responsibility. A wedding is the collection of different moments and events. we are here to take the burden from your shoulders but we promise to keep it in your hands. We start from a personal consultation with the bride to be, the groom to be, your families, your way of living and your stories too, so that we can keep the touch of those emotions in your wedding. We are able to provide the service that makes a wedding perfect, it is not a matter if it is a Bengali wedding, Marwari wedding, Guajarati wedding or a Muslim wedding. Not only these but destination wedding is also possible with us. You dream. We will make it happen. You choose (if you want to) a place for your weeding. We will light that up beyond your expectation.

We are owning a collection of latest and beautiful designs of invitation cards. From royal to exclusive to the cards that fit your budget and your desire too will be provided by us. As we promise so we do. Our experts will be found sitting with you and deciding the guest lists. We will select the best wedding invitation card for you and we promise to send all the cards to the specific destinations.

We deal with from the selection of venue. The venue is selected after discussing with our clients and according to the possibilities. The venue we select is always found in a good environment. It is always selected in a place where the communication and transport system is very strong. And one thing we specially are careful about the venue is that the place has sufficient place for gathering guests.

যদিদং হ্রদয়ং মম । তদিদং হ্রদয়ং তব ।।
যদিদং হ্রদয়ং মম । তদিদং হ্রদয়ং তব ।।

wedding photography and bridal make up in kolkataNow coming to the matter of décor. We all heard about the fact that the first impression is the last impression. Marriage is a very special and awaited moment for anyone. So without a doubt everyone wants that his this special day becomes the most memorable one and also to those who attend the wedding. So all the venue place is decorated with flowers, innovative and beautiful lights. Different types of flowers like rose, orkid, lilly are used (basing on the budgets) in the decoration of the venue place. We will provide our best of best services to decorate your mandap in such a way that you will be able to feel like the best decoration. Innovative styles of serving plates, glasses are included in the service. Furniture like chair, table are also decorated with flowers. We provide decoration which you may not expect. We will provide every things related to the wedding , so that you do not need to worry at all.

As said before, wedding is the most beautiful thing of anyone’s life. But when it comes to the matter of looks then it becomes more important for the bride to look best. Every bride wants to look best in her wedding and undoubtedly better than anyone else. We provide premium wedding makeup for bride or the groom. Not only that we provide pre wedding make over to both of the bride and the groom. We do not at all leave this huge responsibility in the hand of a less responsible or under rated make up artist. The make up artists chosen and provided by us are very experienced in their field and renowned and loved for their work. Putting on mehendi is an integral ritual of wedding. For that we provide very efficient and experienced mehendi artist. We choose only those who can give you look of your expectations and make you feel good as well as look good.

Transport system is a very important part of a wedding that should be very strong. We will provide car, bus according to the needs. The car for receiving the groom in a wedding or seeing off the bride to her in law house is chosen keeping in mind the fact of comfort, standard. The car will be decorated with flowers and other decors. We will provide bus for the relatives of the bride or the groom. We provide the service of picking up guests to their places and seeing them off to their destinations ( based on the budget). The entry of bride or the groom is a awaited moment in a wedding. For a Bengali wedding palanquin or horse is considered to be included in the ritual which was prevalent in old times. But many of us still wish for it nowadays. So to meet their wish we even provide the service for a bride to enter in a palanquin or the groom to enter in a horse.

A wedding should be stress free. Only then the moments can be enjoyed. We provide high level of security in wedding. Security from ensured agencies is provided by us. So that no trespasser can enter the wedding or no unwanted person is seen to be present there in the wedding and spoiling it. Our security guards are proved to be very alert about the invitees. So that only the guests invited can enter and enjoy the wedding well.

Wedding is very much enjoyable event. To make it more fun we provide different types of entertainment programs. Some singing, some dancing can spice a wedding up. So why not do that? Singing competition or dancing face off between the family of bride and the family of groom can give them more fun. We will provide all the service related to it. Not only that we will arrange a DJ or a musical show for your wedding.

Lighting, decoration are on one side. It will soothe the mind. But the attraction will always be the food of a wedding. So it becomes a huge concern in every wedding. We provide the best catering service of India. We provide food types of starter to desert of best quality. All the items and the quality are specially checked by the experienced team members of the Events Bengal. There will be no scope for complaining about the foods served. From serving the food to the taste of the food everything is supervised by our experts.