Private parties are absolutely based on family gathering, emotions, love and affection. We heartily care about those precious emotions, whether it is absolutely fun in a celebration party, kitty party or full of affection and love in a baby shower event or naming ceremony or even first rice ceremony. It can be very adventurous in a group camp or you can feel the honour and bereavement too in a retirement or farewell party. Reunion party is which brings out the most fun and also sad moments that have been spent in past days with schoolmates or college mates or even colleagues and makes new memories of present which we store to cherish in future. All this emotions of life is very precious. In a birthday we celebrate the days, the moments of a year and wish for spending more henceforth. Anniversary is the day which reminds the couple their togetherness under every circumstances of life. Which is undoubtedly a very special day for any couple whether they are in their thirties or they are in their sixties. We the Events Bengal is self promised to make these special moments more special and we celebrate these emotions as it is ours.

We provide our management skills in planning private parties like celebration party, baby shower, naming ceremony, first rice ceremony, anniversary, birthday party, kitty party, reunion party, retirement or farewell party, group camp.

birthday anniversary private parties in sodpure and kolkataEvery celebration has its own priorities. So the arrangements also should be made according to that. It is a huge responsibility to invite guests to witness our celebration. Our expert will be there with you from selecting whom to invite and whom to not to print those cards and finally send all the cards to particular destinations themselves. There are lot of designs in invitation cards we provide for particular occasions and we work for satisfying our clients, so we choose the best cards for you also. It is a very fun moment for kids even also for adults to blow candles and cut cakes. We will provide you best of the cakes by looks, by presentation and also taste. We provide cakes for you in various flavors. Not only these we are able to provide cakes of your requirements or designs. If you want cartoon type cakes for your kid we will provide you that. We ensure the quality and taste of the cakes.

We will select the perfect venue for your occasion where there will be enough room for accommodating and to be comfortable. We will decorate the venue with flowers like roses, marigold, orchid, lily, belly and also balloons and other stuffs. We will provide you the service that will give you one of the best memories of your life. We will light your venue up with different types of lights. For a reunion party we will try to keep the touch of your old days spent together in the decorations. We will look after every little needs of the events. We will provide you tents and tarpaulins if you want to go for a camp. All the furniture will be presented in decorated with flowers, lights.

We will provide best anchors so that your parties can be hosted well. We only provide our best services, so undoubtedly they will spice your parties up with their experienced skills and talent. The moments that will be spent in the parties will need a expert’s touch to be captured and also printed. We will therefore provide you the best photographers who are renowned to do their best jobs in every project they have. We will provide you candid moments in the shape of pictures. Not only capturing but the albums will be made by us. This total responsibility will be our. You will need to do only one thing and that is to enjoy the occasions to the fullest.

For making you laugh and have fun we will provide you different types of entertainment shows like magic shows, game shows, dance shows, mimicry shows, puppet shows, fashion shows, music shows, comedy shows, drama shows, clown shows. All these are very much popular in the kids. All the artists related to the respective shows are very much experienced in their profession. We have the privilege of giving the best shots of our work. So you can enjoy the program without any tension. Returns gifts are also provided by us according to the occasion. For kids there are different types of gifts we provide and for elders are different. Last but the most important is food and the catering service. We are considered to provide the best cooks all over the country. They will amuse your minds and hearts with the taste of their cooking. We provide different types of cuisines and all the food is served in a very good manner so that you can feel the best as well as tasting the best.